Movie Review: Our Idiot Brother

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Ever since Clueless I have been a big fan of Paul Rudd. He is just my kind of fellow, don’t know how else to describe it! I usually do my best to catch all of his movies as they hit DVD, I’m not much of a theatre-goer otherwise I would definitely check them out there. Netflix finally delivered Our Idiot Brother to my home – and what a joy! The movie was a comedy but also a bit of a life lesson. We all have these people in our lives that we look for and we look to but can sometimes we such an incredible inconvenience but in the end we appreciate them and grow to love them as they are, that is My Idiot Brother.

Paul Rudd, playing Ned, starts the movie getting arrested for distributing drugs to a police officer. He lived on an organic farm with his dog and his hippie girlfriend. It is clear from the arrest forward that he doesn’t have quite as much going for him as one would expect. His family immediately comes to his rescue offering shelter, food, love and support. It is clear that the family is a bit off though and has a plethora of issues themselves. His three sisters are all striving for something completely different in life. One, Zoeey Deschanel, is a lesbian, but maybe more of a sexually charged bisexual, or maybe straight, but she really wants to be a lesbian. Another sister, Elizabeth Banks, is a journalist and is the highest reacher of all the siblings. She wants to make it big and really lives an upscale, city, business lifestyle. The oldest sister, Emily Mortimer, is a mom, she is the only married sibling and her husband has a few quirks that immediately make him unlikable to the audience.

Ned is a very happy guy. He has an extremely positive outlook on life and doesn’t get in too deep in anything. He takes everything on the surface and does his best to really roll with the punches. His brother-in-law gives him a job working as an assistant as he films a documentary. Ned does his best to go along with but never seems to do things good enough for his brother-in-law. He exposes their children to television and games they would prefer their kids don’t see and quickly lands himself getting shoved out of their house and onto the next sister’s home.

He spends time in each of his sister’s homes and one by one manages to mess up the one thing that they each seemed to have wanted the most: a valuable relationship, a career advancement and a happy family. Ned doesn’t see these as his fault but really focuses in on dishonesty, lack of morals and ethics and a lack of trust. Ned makes a really great point for each of these things. With time his sisters do internally reflect a bit on his actions and the reactions and make peace with what has changed in their lives. It really seems like they for once open their eyes to their behavior and internalize what could make their lives better, stronger and more fulfilling and how to see life a little more through the rose-colored lenses that Ned has on. In Ned’s time of need his sisters pull through – you cannot beat a strong family bond, especially when you see that your ‘idiot’ brother was really trying to do his best.

It was a really funny movie with some great lines. Through the humor and strange situations there are some great messages and if you view it at the right time there are definitely things I could reflect on that each of the sisters did that I may also be guilty of, giving me just a small dose of a life lesson. It was a fun, entertaining movie that certainly did not drag on at all. I really enjoyed it and if you see it – I hope you do too! Keep on rocking Paul Rudd!

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Debriefing: Yes Man movie

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So the critics were pretty luke warm to cold on this one. I didn’t have the highest hopes for this because lately I haven’t been feeling too much that Jim Carrey has done (has he even done anything?!). But….the previews really did show it in a good light so I felt obliged to give it a try. Not a bad idea, I actually have already recommended it to quite a few coworkers and my sister as well. I really liked the movie, not enough to buy it I won’t lie, but enough that when it comes out to TV I would stop and watch if I grazed past the channel it was on.

So Carl, Jim Carrey, has a boring life, which he hates. He hates his job, hates that his wife left him and is dating someone, he’s not, hates everything. In short the movie starts of as a wow this man is angry, pissed off and kind of boring, o and a jerk. Quickly he is told that he needs to become a ‘yes man’, he attends a conference about saying yes and his life starts to turn around. Carl takes a pledge to say yes to everything and every opportunity he is given. First night of this he is stranded out in the woods, with no money, etc and is hating the yes-oath he took, but that changes when he meets a girl, Allison (Zooey Deschanel). This girl is fun and pretty and Carl is into this now. He starts realizing how many great opportunities he’s being presented with and how much he loves his life.

Through benefits in work, and his personal life everyone is liking the change that Carl has brought upon himself. It’s safe to say that even Carl has started to like the changes that this pledge has brought him. Everything in his life is going swell. Soon enough all good things must come to an end, and as we all know too much of anything is never good. The yes-pledge leads him into a little bit of trouble but in the end it works out.

What I really liked about this movie was the comedy, and the quirkiness. This was not your average everyday movie that I feel we are so used to seeing. The characters seemed more fresh and lively than in other movies, and their personalities were slightly over the top but distinct from each other. The piece that really solidified my enjoyment of this movie was the ending: I figured it would end a certain way with a certain scene like all the other movies out there lately, but it didn’t! It had a real, fresh and unique ending and that was perfect for me! I would say yes to the Yes Man – really worth a view!!

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