Bring it 2012!

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Where did 2011 go?! There are only a handful of hours left in the year and I don’t even remember if I made any resolutions that I have neglected – gah! I have decided that I am going to ‘pen’ (or blog) my 2012 resolutions to better help hold myself accountable, but before I can think about what I want to accomplish in the upcoming year let me take a moment to reflect on where I’ve been in 2011.

2011 year in review…
Overall 2011 seemed to treat me pretty well. I was able to finally get married to the absolute best man in the world, and it was a beautiful day. It was absolutely lovely and I could not have asked for more from that! The wedding is definitely falling into the wonderful category of things that 2011 gave me. I was able to attend a few management courses that really opened my eyes up to how young I am and how much I have the ability to achieve. It has definitely made me want to take the bull by the horns in 2012 and start doing things for me instead of everyone else. That is a powerful feeling.

2011 wasn’t all rainbows and happiness though. There was a lot of unnecessary drama and strife that did not need to be a part of my year. Having survived the year I can really reflect and say that wow, I have learned a lot! Life has a funny way of really pushing you to limits you didn’t realize you had. I am a strong woman, and every time something pushes me a bit further I realize just how much stronger I am – that is a powerful feeling people!

Having all of this, mostly, behind me I want to make sure that 2012 is one for the record books in a great way. I want to set out some initial resolutions and goals to help me stay on a good track this year. Here goes for my resolutions…

2012 Resolutions

Be a healthier me. I do my best to work out and eat healthy when I can, what I want to start doing is making this more of a priority. If you need an excuse to get out of working out, give me a call – I could easily rattle at least 20 excuses off of the top of my head. In 2012 I want to try to make working out part of my everyday, or most days, routine. Really focus in on getting some cardio, doing my pilates and trying new things. I love doing BodyPump (by Les Mills) but I want to expand, try some yoga at a yoga studio and work some dance into my weekly routine. I really believe that keeping your workouts fresh helps you stay engaged in them, and that is the path I want to set out on in 2012. As for eating, I am very good with portion size, so I just need to keep that up, but where I could use some work is planning my meals out in advance. I get into ruts where I feel busy and choose working out over cooking and then come home to chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. I really enjoy cooking, it is just so much fun to me (I even have a blog of my cooking adventures: and I know that there are ways I can cook good, hearty meals in a small amount of time. I just need to reframe my thinking – the 1/2 hour I spend watching The New Girl is 1/2 hour I could spend whipping up a better meal than chicken nuggets…

Carve Out More Time for Myself. I have been told that I am a giving person, and that is such a wonderful compliment. I love giving – whether it be gifts, my time or money I enjoy helping where I can. Helping others too often sometimes leaves me stressed out and wishing I could be doing other things which builds up such resentment. I need to learn how to better carve out some quiet time for myself and activities I enjoy doing and I need to do them. I joined a book club so I want to make sure that I keep up with that in the New Year. It is something I like and it is a group of women that I do not normally socialize with so it is refreshing every month when we meet. I think being able to learn how to better say ‘No’ without guilt will allow me to improve myself overall. I think I could even squeeze in some cooking classes and dance classes to help with my resolution above, which is extra positive!

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. A hobby of mine is worrying. I’m not sure how I fell into this rut, or why, maybe it’s because I’m the oldest child and live the farthest away from my folks but I’m here. I have started making great strides this year in not sweating the really small stuff. One huge victory – on my wedding day our limo ran out of gas, I took a deep breath and just laughed it off. I decided the Monday after the wedding I would be able to deal with that dilemma but on our big day it was definitely not the stress we needed, and that was definitely a HUGE improvement on my ‘normal’ behavior. This is something I want to keep working on. If there is nothing I can do to change it then I just need to stick it to the wall and walk away; just time to let it go. I think I can definitely accomplish this. The small changes I have made so far in just letting things go have made a good difference, and one that a few folks have complimented me on. It’s nice to have people note that you are able to let certain things go and have a good outlook. I am still always going to be a NJ girl so I’ll still always be the first to stick up for the underdog and myself and not let bigger things go, but the small things – just chalk them up to life and move on. I can do this!

Start Journaling. I have become very good at making books, I bind them and fix them up all beautiful and then I give them away. In keeping with doing things for myself, I’m going to make a book or two just for me, and it will be fab! I think journaling is a great way to let some stress of the day out and remember what is important. I plan to focus a bit on what went on during the day, and what made me smile that day. I think that years from now looking back on these journals will be a fun reminder of all the great things in my life and how far we have all come. I am most excited for this resolution.

2012 can definitely be a great year, and I think my resolutions will be attainable and realistic and will hopefully bring about long-term positive changes. I know I may not have as many resolutions as the common man but these are what I want to work on and focus on. They may seem a bit lofty but again I think that they are small changes that make a big difference and these are things that I have wanted to focus on, January 1,2012 is just a good excuse to start holding myself accountable for them. Good luck to everyone out there on their resolutions – just stick to them and you will be able to achieve them! So bring it 2012, because I’m ready to make some great changes!

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Getting in the Season of Giving

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Tis the season to not only be jolly but to give, a lot. In this season I find that I give more just because, I treat the homeless people to coffee or breakfast foods, and just overall am a more pleasant and cheerful person. I should give like this all year round, and maybe that will be a good resolution tonight but up to this point my giving hits a high note during the Christmas season. Looking back on the recently passed Christmas I have noted quite a few things I am thankful for and really saw how much I’m given as well.

Thanks first to my family. What a crew but they put a smile on my face. Being the tender, caring family that they are my bedroom was quickly transformed into a workout room following my moving out. So now when I go home I don’t get to sleep in my childhood bedroom but I get to sleep in a pull-out draw at the bottom of my sister’s loft bed. But it is fun – kind of like a sleepover every night, and then we start to nag at each other and the thrill is over but it works. I’m grateful that I have a family that lets me come home, and a family that makes me smile when I think about getting to go home. Home is a nice feeling its nice to be apart of one.

I’m thankful for having a job. In this tough economy there are plenty of people that would do a wide array of things for this position. It’s not the bets position in the world, and I’ve never thought of it as something to be envious of but after talking to friends who either don’t have jobs or who watch people get ‘let go’ on a daily basis I’m thankful that I have a place to come and work every day, and they treat me really nice too!

Friends! ‘I get by with a little help from my friends’….The Beatles did not lie. It’s nice to have a large group of people to fall back on. I have my good dear sister-friend from college that lives nearby which is awesome. We’re close and its a good easy relationship: can’t go wrong! She is like the nice warm fuzzy slippers that you never forget about just don’t use daily, but you always look for them and miss them when they’re not around, and if someone even tried to take them away there would be hell to pay! That’s her 🙂 I also have some great new work friends that are great to hang out with – I have my gym friend who not only keeps me motivated but in shape and healthy : my motivation would be squat without her! There are many friends for all different reasons and some for no reason other than just because, and sometimes those are the best.

Life’s lemons. So now we’ve all had life throw us some lemons, and while I wish I could say that I’ve made lemonade everytime it would be a big fat lie. I haven’t. I’m a whiner and most of the lemons I’ve been thrown have sucked. As the year progresses I’ve started to look back onto some other the bigger lemons and given a smile. Not one of those just sucked on a lemon tart smiles either! A real nice smile, and I can actually start to admit that I appreciate some of the things I’ve learned from those mistakes and lemons. I’m much wiser because of them, still wish I could’ve just learned those lessons second-hand.

Speaking of lemons, I’m thankful that I can go to the grocery store and any other store and order what I need and want. Wants and needs are very different and its a luxury that I can fulfill both of those categories for myself and my loved ones. We had a truly blessed Christmas filled with love and too many gifts (but who ever complains about the gifts?!)

I’m thankful for my special relationship with a special guy. He’s truly wonderful, no matter how many times he makes me grumble under my breath or roll my eyes up to high heaven I couldn’t imagine my life without him. He does more for me than I can ever thank or repay him for, truly a wonderful person to have in my life. You should all be jealous because he really is just that great.  Thank you for everything you give to me on a daily basis – you are my rock!

There are SO many things to be grateful for, and as I look back I try to think of the ways that someone could’ve been grateful for me in their life. Let the season of giving last all year long, and you will receive remarkable gifts throughout the years in small but meaningful ways. It’s something that I am going to do my best to strive for in the new year – bring it on 2009 : I have a lot to give back!

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