The Hitched Report: The Quick & Dirty of Planning and Surviving Our Wedding

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I apologize for the lack of book and movie review in this post, but I thought it would be fun (for me at least) to do a quick review of our recent wedding!

Ya know what they say about June Brides? Yeah, I’m not sure either. Once people said that to me they usually didn’t finish the sentence. Here is what I know about this June bride –

    • I definitely waited a little too long to finish some projects
    •  My life would have been a lot less stressful if I was more on the ball. I was smart though in securing locations and vendors all about a year in advance – that was key.Not having to worry about someone falling through or not finding the perfect person to do a task was a really nice feeling
    • There is a difference between not caring and being indecisive
    • Stress can be motivating but it can be tiring
    • Regardless of how well you plan you cannot control people or the weather – adjust and make the best of it!

Let’s start with the weather. The day before the wedding – absolutely beautiful. It was sunny and pleasant, maybe a bit warm. The day of the wedding – rainy. Yep it stormed, but ya know what, we like weather, Greg is a meteorologist so it was the perfect way to celebrate such a special day! I walked over from my hotel to the church and even though it was rainy, we had a blast. It was just myself, my sister and my parents the ‘last walk’ of us all being our own family, that was memorable and touching and the perfect ‘last’ memory as a single woman with my family.

Do it yourself is money-saving but it is definitely time-sucking. We went the DIY route for centerpieces, invitations, programs, table tents, place cards and our wish tree (in lieu of a traditional guest book). The projects were fun and most people thought the paper-goods were purchased since they came out nice, but they did take a lot of time. One of the benefits to the DIY programs was that I didn’t have to decide on the wording until closer to the wedding since they weren’t being sent out for printing. That also meant that with about 2 – 3 weeks to go I was printing and making programs when stress was at an all-time high. I don’t think I would change making them, I’m very proud of how lovely everything turned out, but I would definitely reconsider my time-frame and force myself to be more prompt and less last-minute with these types of projects. DIY is very me, so I’m happy I was able to insert myself into those details, but having helpful bridesmaids and friends was definitely required – I owe you all to the end of time for your seemingly endless hours of help!

Working with Greg to make it OUR day was what really made it so great. There were things that we both bent on so that the other person could have their idea for that particular detail, and in the end that made me smile the most. The touches and things that he really wanted made me really happy, just knowing that he wanted to be involved in this wedding was awesome. I loved the cake he chose, yep you read that right, HE chose the cake. And seeing it for the first time at the reception was really fun!! I was also happy to be less traditional to show our personalities. Greg wore soccer cufflinks and I think that was so much fun because it is Greg. He is a soccer fanatic and those cufflinks were the perfect way to show off his other true love (second to me of course).

The bumps along the way, including our limo running out of gas and not knowing where the marriage certificate was about 10 minutes before the ceremony made the day memorable. You can plan as much as you like but once you put other people in control (which is key to surviving your wedding) your planning is out the window. Things don’t need to be perfect, everything does work out and what does a little haywire becomes a fabulous story the next day at brunch! To all those brides to be – during all of the stress and decisions you have lying ahead keep in mind the most important part of the day: Getting Married. Everything else will become secondary to the magical vows you exchange. Keep the reason why you are doing this forefront in your mind and remember to relax. You need to have fun during wedding planning, remember to take some weekends off (I may have taken too many off so don’t go that crazy!).

Our wedding sparkled because it really reflected us. It didn’t fit into traditional, it wasn’t my family’s idea of  what my wedding would be like, and frankly most likely wasn’t fully their taste either, but it fit exactly into the little box that Greg and I dreamed of when we started planning. Were there bumps along the path to June 11th? You better believe there were! Those bumps have made us stronger and more united. We are happy, we are young, we are in love and we are going to conquer the world together. Our wedding was a smash in our eyes, and I expect nothing less from us in all we set our minds to in the upcoming years. We offer our sincerest thanks to everyone who made the day special, memorable and wonderful – we love you all for your support and are beyond thrilled that you were there to celebrate with us!


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Strange timing but our wonderful photographers added a few more pictures from this wonderful day to their blog yesterday, Here is a sneak peak!

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