Second Chance by Jane Green

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Jane Green – one of Chic-Lit’s finest! Every once and again I need a book that just requires me to sit back and enjoy, I want it to be light and easy to get through quickly. In one of these moods I settled on Second Chance. If you enjoy light books with easy story lines and characters or chic-lit then this would be a great choice for you!

The cast of characters in this tale is a group of friends scattered between England and the US that were originally united in High School. They have similar backgrounds but have all changed, and grown distant over the past few months. They are very protective of each other but have made life decisions that have left them out of touch. Many of this group are famous, and the ones that aren’t famous are well-off and would claim to have a wonderful life. There was one person in the group consistently united them and brought them together, that was Tom. Tom is described to be a well-liked, handsome, smart and successful person. He lived in the US but kept his ties to his friends in England and his family still living in England strong. Tom is at the center of this story without being much of a main character, which is a really interesting reflection.

It is clear from the start that Holly starts as one of the true centerpieces of this tale. Some of the other group members such as Paul and Olivia are a bit more of a distraction to the Holly saga but she is one of the true centerpieces. Holly is in what she feels at the beginning of the story to be a wonderful life. She has two fabulous children and a wealthier husband with a house she loves. As the story moves on it becomes more and more clear that Holly is unhappy. It starts with her resurfacing feelings for Tom and then more obvious to her admitting it may be possible her choice in spouse was her settling. Much of the story is focused on Holly and how she decides to change her life.

Another main plot is Saffron. Saffron is an actress in hollywood. She is living what seems to be the typical hollywood lifestyle, including having a relationship with an A-list celebrity. Saffron does have skeletons in her closet and when they come crashing out her newly rediscovered friends are there to help her piece them together.

This story focuses a lot on how true friendships can be put back together in an instant, even if it has been years, but I think this story also has a lot of focus on how friends can influence you especially in a true way. Old friends know who you were and can see your changes, it may be an old friend that is the one to help ‘bring you back to Earth’ if you stray from your true self.

There are many tragedies in this story and many points for growth for each of the characters. I didn’t find there to be anything shocking about the plot, and there were few twists. Green lays the story out and develops the characters in such a thorough manner that it is easy to see where they are headed. It is a light-hearted story with some deeper emotions laid underneath. It shows us that even adults do stupid things and make bad choices but that a truly strong person can do what is right in their heart and stay by their friends.  It would be a lovely beach read!


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