Love the One You’re With by Emily Giffin

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It’s good harmless chick-lit. Everyone needs a nice, light, romantic novel every once in a while and I’m no different. This one was immediately passed over my cubicle wall to my reading-buddy on the other side so she could read it next before it gets turned back in to the library.

The premise of this book is how one moves on from their past and what choices they would make, or change about their past if they were given the opportunity. Ellen is in a solid marriage with a very wealthy southern gentleman from Atlanta. He is the perfect catch because not only is he handsome and charming but his family accepts her and his sister is her roommate and best friend from her college days; Again this man, Andy, is the perfect match for Ellen!

In the bustling NYC Ellen couldn’t agree more. Her and Andy have a great NYC life complete with a great space that they own as well as a routine. Since she works as a photographer while he is a lawyer their routine is nothing short of unique, fun and filled with love. This routine is cut short in a crosswalk on a busy NYC street on a normal day when Ellen passes in front of her ex-boyfriend, Leo.

Leo was Ellen’s former love, they had an intense relationship that Ellen thought she was over until bumping into him. It’s a shared city, but it’s New York City – what are the odds of these two finding each other randomly?! Ellen is preoccupied with thoughts of Leo from this point out. It becomes a mental game comparing Andy to Leo and vice versa.

Ellen’s life takes a few unexpected twists and turns after bumping into Leo that mostly all revolve or are created by him. Ellen treks back into the memories of their stormy relationship and it seems like she is going back to a fork in the road that she didn’t previously have. The fork is unique: Andy, her husband, or Leo, her ex boyfriend. We travel with Ellen through the memories of both men and journey into the future with her as her first year of married life unfolds and she faces a few crossroads both in friendship, family, her career and love.
Suzanne, Ellen’s sister, and Margot, Andy’s sister (and Ellen’s BFF) both have conflicting advice on what to do in this dilemma. We are on a journey with Ellen trying to sort out old emotions, revisited emotions and sultry ex-boyfriend emotions. It’s a ride caught between the working-class of Pittsburg, the bustling busy bees in NYC and the upper-crust in Atlanta. This roller-coaster takes us through Ellen’s confusion of how she got where she is, what her motives were that led her to this place and if given the chance, choice and opportunity would she be happier down another road. What we do if we had the chance to go back and change a crucial turning point in our lives?
Giffin makes us feel not only like we personally know the characters but truly gets us to feel a sense of responsibility for their actions and a desire for it all to work out for each of them. There is definitely a pure relatable in these characters, and the questions that are raised in each of their lives are not very different from questions I’m sure we’ve all come across at one time or another. THis book was a definite hit. It’s a great light read, even though summer is over it was perfect for the beach but also great for commuters and casual readers alike! Definitely worth reading!

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