Movie Debriefing: I Love You Man

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Man, I love you too! That was my thought after I finished this movie. It is an awkward guy comedy. There are many scenes where you feel like a slight intruder into their lives and then there are other scenes where their awkwardness makes you feel awkward but since we’re feeling awkward maybe that makes it ok?

This movie has the typical ‘guy comedy’ including silly sexual jokes and air guitar (who isn’t a fan of air guitar?!). It also features a great, but generally less honored band, as the male character’s bonding moments. I speak of awkwardness and what makes this movie awkward is some of the character development. Paul Rudd is given the part of a man with no friends, which is a strange concept, especially since he seems really loveable. The plot for this movie is that Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd) is marrying the love of his life Zooey played by Rashida Jones but he has no friends to be in the wedding party. His father, JK Simmons, has a few best friends including Peter’s brother Robbie (Andy Samberg) but Peter has none which is a long-running family joke. Peter’s fiance has a bunch of girl-friends who think he is not only clingy but weird for not being as friendly with men as he is with women. Peter’s mission is to find a male best friend, hopefully a few, to be at his wedding with him.

Enter Jason Segel as Sydney. Sydney is a smooth operator who’s funny, open and more than happy to have Peter as a friend. Peter is awkward, and doesn’t quite know how to fit-in in Sydney’s world but Sydney accepts and loves him anyway. The two not only hit it off but seem to spend countless hours together making up for time lost, it’s their times together that prove to be the most comical. The overall concept of the movie is a bit comical as well because everyone wants to help Peter find best friends, finding friends and ‘trying them out’ provides many laughs throughout the movie; we’re laughing at you Peter, not with you…

What was surprising about this movie was how well it came together. There was romance, there was comedy, plot twists and even the Hulk were included. What was even better was this movie was under 2 hours which is great; imagine all of that in under 2 hours. Some of these comedies seem to take what feels like days, but this one was short and sweet and really never got to the point where you were just hoping it would all wrap up and end. It’s worth renting if you’re in the mood for some quick, no-thinking required laughs. I’d watch it again, not tonight of course, but in the future if I pass by it on TV I would definitely stop and give it my time.


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i have been meaning to rent this and on a rainy day perhaps i now will 🙂

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