Movie Debriefing: Adventureland

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I hate to start off on a negative note but it seems that Adventureland to me was missing the adventure, and the potential. This movie had a great cast including Bill Hader, Ryan Reynolds, Kristen Wiig, etc… but they were not used to their full potential in this flick at all. An enjoyable aspect was that Ryan Reynolds took on a slightly different character. He was older than the characters and played a mentoring sage mechanic with a dark side at this amusement park. It was interesting to watch him, and he played the part really well.

In the end this movie was fairly typical. Boy and girl work together, have the hots for each other and there are obstacles and people in their way but it works out in the end. It’s the 80s, which is almost random in this movie because it seems that at times you would forget it was even set in the 80’s until you saw a cassette tape and heard the music. I anticipated a funnier dark comedy, but this was a little more depressing and pretty slow moving. I was disappointed, and I hate to write such a negative review, but I really wouldn’t watch this again or recommend it.


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3 Responses to “Movie Debriefing: Adventureland”

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i heard a lot of lukewarm reviews for that one so i passed on it!

Couldn’t agree more. I know this will really tick off the Twilight fans, but Kristen Stewart’s performance was very poor in my opinion. I don’t know if her “blahness” was the directors idea or not, but it just didn’t work. The film was very disappointing.

I just watched this last night. I was enjoying the performance of the main guy (Brennan?) but then it took a too dramatic turn. I can’t say I would recommend it either.

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