Movie Debriefing: Julie and Julia

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It’s ironic that I should be blogging about a movie centered around blogging, luckily the movie also involves food, I’m sorry to say that my blog doesn’t come with food. This movie was quite charming and very delightful, but maybe a little bit on the long side.

The movie follows Julie Powell and her husband through life in NYC. She is a cubical worker with ‘no power’ as she puts it by day and a foodie at night. But she is actually a writer, she has successful friends but can’t find success in the things she does. While she has a seemingly strong marriage it seems like she is depressed about her life in general. To make matters worse she works in a post 9/11 call center and listens to victims of the tragic accident daily which only compounds her depressed state.

The movie moves back and forth between the drab life of Julie and the fantastic life of Julia Child. As the movie opens we see that Julia and Paul Julie & Juliachild have just moved to Paris. Paris, home of the excessively short tempered and unfriendly people, mind you also historically shorter people are in for quite a shock when American Julia Child moves in. Nothing deters Julia, that much is clear from the start. Julia sticks out because of her height from the start and her accent doesn’t help either. She is portrayed with a terrible french accent and terrible french speaking skills but the movie shows us how the French embrace her (much like the Americans did when she had her TV show). Paul always comments in the movie that Julia can make anyone smile. Watching her learn her way through Paris and enroll in Le Cordon Bleu highlights the more memorable parts of the movie. Meryl Streep does a fantastic job playing Julia.

Meanwhile, back in NYC Julie Powell has decided that she will blog and hopefully will make herself famous, or at least more of a writer that way. She is supported by her husband but talked down by her Mother. Luckily her husband’s advice prevails. Julie decides to cook her way through Julia Child’s cookbook and discovers not only is she a talented cook but she learns a lot about her self. She learns patience, and she learns about her marriage and her husband. She realizes how easy it is to become selfish but how much better it is to love. The most important lesson she learns is that she can achieve her goals, while this was a short-term goal it was still achieved and has proved successful for her.

In the end I wish that the entire movie, or one similar to it was about Julia Child’s life. She is such an interesting woman! Her travels and experiences in Paris, her and Paul being spies, the entire life she led was the perfect plot! I truly go back to how much I loved the pieces of the movie that revolved around Julia, while Julie’s life and challenges were fun, the parts with Julia are the ones I smile about when I look back.

Many critics seemed to dislike the character of Julie Powell. They claimed she was whiny and boring. I found her charming, not as charming as Julia Child’s role, but charming still. It was easy to see why she was mildly depressed with her life but you were happy in the end that she was successful and that her blog turned into a book which turned into a movie. In my opinion the critics were slightly off when judging Julie, maybe it was their  hype of how bad the role was that let my expectations be exceeded. Either way this movie was a gem for the summer. Light and fluffy as if it were whisked in a bowl – this is a great summer movie! Bon appetite!


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2 Responses to “Movie Debriefing: Julie and Julia”

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Very well written review 🙂 I’m still torn about seeing the movie. I think I’ll add it to my to rent list!

It’s definitely a good rental! If you’re not 100% sure about in the theatre save the $10 and rent it 🙂 Thanks so much for the comments, I’m so glad you enjoyed the review!

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