Move Debriefing: 500 Days of Summer

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I am, in general, a fan of Independent films. I like that genre as a whole because it offers something different than the big Hollywood cookie-cutter plots. The wardrobes are more fun, the sets are more fun and the plot is usually outside of the traditional film lines which makes for a pleasing experience in many cases. 500 Days of Summer has all the wonderful aspects of independent films coupled with great acting and truly great cinematography. This movie was wonderful for a variety of reasons, and like the movie I’ll start from the beginning.

Narration in films can either be masterful or terrible, in 500 Days it was great! The narrator hit the nail on the head and quickly caught us up in this story that was not a love story, but in the end I still think it was a love story. As the narrator puts it, “This is a story of boy meets girl”… There is no denying that, though boy falling head over heels for girl may be more like it. Summer has an infections personality and is like-able for all types of people, especially men. The story follows Tom through the ups and downs of being in a relationship with fickle Summer. Like Tom this movie makes us feel hot and cold about Summer with every memory but it’s impossible to shake her off. She’s fun, she’s happy usually and when she’s sad we want to know why.

500 Days of Summer doesn’t follow their relationship from point A to B, and it doesn’t go from B to A either. There is a slight logical but rather illogical way that the memories and the stories of their relationship are told to the audience, but it’s a fun sequence and keeps the movie light. The basic jist of the plot is that Summer ( Zooey Deschanel) doesn’t believe in love. If love finds her that’s ok, and if she finds a relationship that’s ok as well but she’s not out to find love. Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a greeting card writer who knows that love is out there for him, he believes in true love and shows his emotions through his cards. Clearly this is going to be a troubled relationship. They definitely have bright moments but as we know from the get-go this relationship is doomed.  It’s clear what stage in the relationship we are viewing based on the day, in total there are 500 days. We also get an idea of what type of memory we will be witness to based on the sky, cloudy days are sad, or miserable memories where as sunny days bring on happy memories.

 From a dance sequence to shopping in Ikea 500 Days of Summer is a hit! The cast is fun with a wide range of characters from co-workers and crazy friends to siblings with golden advice the cast is diverse and works really well together. For a lighter movie with a lot of heart, and in the end truly shows what love is all about I’d recommend 500 Days of Summer.


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2 Responses to “Move Debriefing: 500 Days of Summer”

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The skipping around in the story was wonderfully done, almost makes Quentin Tarantino look like a novice. Great cast backed by an awesome story; superb film overall. Great review!

maybe another one i should go see when i am avoiding writing 🙂

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