Three Cups of Tea By Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin

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This is an amazing story, almost too good to be real, but it is real. Put down whatever you’re reading now and check this book out. It’s a phenomenal account of a man on a mission to climb K2 that looses his way only to find his true calling. The story is masterfully told to make you feel like you personally know Greg. Relin weaves in remarks and interviews from people that do know Greg to give a complete account of his work and other details of his journey thus far.

Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Fight Terrorism and Build Nations... One School at a Time

Greg Mortenson grew up in South Africa with missionary parents, after moving to the US he knew that there was bigger and better out there for him to accomplish. As a nurse he is someone who continually breaks the stereotypes and does what he wants in his own way; He’s successful in his routines, which is miraculous in itself. In this book you learn of how Mortenson attempted to summit K2 and at first feeling let down left the mountain with the heavy weight of a village’s education on his shoulders instead of his failure.

This book shows that not only is there good in the world but that there is more to fighting than weapons. A little outside thinking can really help an area that needs help and Mortenson’s method will prevent this area from succumbing to terrorist mindsets. Greg does not in any way try to change these villages in a negative way or push his beliefs on them, he just wants the children of as many villages as possible to have a solid structure to learn in. A solid education for as many children as possible is Mortenson’s mission. It’s clear that Mortenson not only put in a lot of work and labor to keep his project afloat but he also sacrificed many things. Mortenson sacrificed much family time for the well-being of others’ children. This book is a humble reminder of the ways that others have sacrificed for villages and children that often go unnoticed.

Three Cups of Tea was motivational and pure. The intentions of this book are simple; in a time of war remember that along with the extremists there are children who still need to be educated, and a solid education will prevent extremism from spreading among the impoverished communities. This is a worthwhile organization to donate to, and after reading the book you will be certain that every penny you donate will go to the cause and will be spent in a frugal, effective way. is the website for the book and contains information the Central Asia Institute which is the main charitable organization Mortenson runs his charity through.


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Yes, this is a must read.

i’ve been wanting to pick this up for a while now i know i should 🙂

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