Debriefing: Yes Man movie

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So the critics were pretty luke warm to cold on this one. I didn’t have the highest hopes for this because lately I haven’t been feeling too much that Jim Carrey has done (has he even done anything?!). But….the previews really did show it in a good light so I felt obliged to give it a try. Not a bad idea, I actually have already recommended it to quite a few coworkers and my sister as well. I really liked the movie, not enough to buy it I won’t lie, but enough that when it comes out to TV I would stop and watch if I grazed past the channel it was on.

So Carl, Jim Carrey, has a boring life, which he hates. He hates his job, hates that his wife left him and is dating someone, he’s not, hates everything. In short the movie starts of as a wow this man is angry, pissed off and kind of boring, o and a jerk. Quickly he is told that he needs to become a ‘yes man’, he attends a conference about saying yes and his life starts to turn around. Carl takes a pledge to say yes to everything and every opportunity he is given. First night of this he is stranded out in the woods, with no money, etc and is hating the yes-oath he took, but that changes when he meets a girl, Allison (Zooey Deschanel). This girl is fun and pretty and Carl is into this now. He starts realizing how many great opportunities he’s being presented with and how much he loves his life.

Through benefits in work, and his personal life everyone is liking the change that Carl has brought upon himself. It’s safe to say that even Carl has started to like the changes that this pledge has brought him. Everything in his life is going swell. Soon enough all good things must come to an end, and as we all know too much of anything is never good. The yes-pledge leads him into a little bit of trouble but in the end it works out.

What I really liked about this movie was the comedy, and the quirkiness. This was not your average everyday movie that I feel we are so used to seeing. The characters seemed more fresh and lively than in other movies, and their personalities were slightly over the top but distinct from each other. The piece that really solidified my enjoyment of this movie was the ending: I figured it would end a certain way with a certain scene like all the other movies out there lately, but it didn’t! It had a real, fresh and unique ending and that was perfect for me! I would say yes to the Yes Man – really worth a view!!


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I agree, the movie was better than expected. I am also excited for some of Jim’s upcoming movies such as A Christmas Carol remake, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, and The Three Stooges remake.

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