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So me and so many other Women, and people in general, try to get fit a few times a week. I am going to try post often with updates, advice and hints I find along to the path to better health and fitness – I hope it will keep me on track, I’m very active in general just not as structured with working out, but I should be.  Personally, I go to the gym or work out at home almost every day, at least I try. SO in an effort to really up my game I decided that I would try out spinning – what a workout!

Is is just me or is this one of the most difficult exercises to get into? I’m not sure if I can’t just get into it or if it’s not for me or what my problem is at this point. I have never been a quitter but lately I just can’t get through an entire spinning class, like at all. My first class was great – 1/2 hour session I really worked hard and felt that workout with every subsequent step the next day but now, about 1 month later, I’ve hit a wall.

What really stinks about this wall though is that it’s mostly mental. I know that my issue is in my head – I think a small bit of it may be upping my cardio game outside of the bike as well. At first my knees were quite a pain – I couldn’t get comfortable on the bike and it seemed like every instructor had a new way to fix the issue, luckily the issue turned out that a) I didn’t use enough tension and b) that my seat was too close to the handle-bars. So once the knees were fixed I think I jumped into spinning a little too quickly. I quickly moved from 1/2 hour classes to 45 minute classes and then attempted an hour long class which for me lasted only 20 minutes and that may have been too quick of an advancement for a beginner (I was just really excited to get into it and maybe I burned out?). That class was much more difficult than the others and really was challenging not for my legs but more for my breathing. I felt like I didn’t have the appropriate cardio training for that class and I need to get to that training. As frustrated as I was I left that class and moved myself over onto the treadmill and did a great job/sprint combo for about an hour. I just still can’t get past this spinning wall though.

I refuse to give in and say that spinning is not just for me – because it can be for me – I want it to at this point! But I need to really up my cardio game in the meantime and give spinning all I got. In between spinning days I do some light lifting and abs so I may start throwing in some cardio on those days too in other ways – a different stationary bike, or even treadmill/running work. Anything to get the spinning train moving for me!

If you are a ‘super spinner’ or just good at it – how did you get there? Did you train at all? Any advice to get me over this mental block and back on the bike succeeding?


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4 Responses to “The Get – Fit Chronicles : Spinning”

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Go with a bike seat! You will not regret the decision, trust me!

I’m new to ‘spinning’ and have recently just blogged my first lesson. It’s great but I’ve yet to go back!! I’ve learned that ‘spinning’ is the same as ‘aerobiking’ in the UK.
You seem to be quite fit and very motivated. Although I have no advice its interesting to read your post to give me some motivation!

I began my fitness quest by doing spin classes at the gym. I did not do any cardio training to prepare for spinning… spin class was my cardio workout Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

To start, you have to do as much you can and build up your fitness level. If the class is 1 hour, stay on the bike, but pedal easily when you are really winded. Once your breathing becomes more normal and your heart rate comes back down, resume doing what the rest of the class is doing. Your fitness will improve, and the times you spend resting will get smaller and smaller.

The treadmill may be more familiar territory for you, and your body easily adapts to the workload. By throwing new challenges at your body (surprise, we’re going to spin today!), you will get faster results. If it was easy, then everyone would be doing it!

So I think I’m getting past the mental block – I took all of your advice and wow – I did it! I have done 2 45 minute classes since then. The instructors were different which may also be a difference maker ..

Jcalnan – Your advice with staying on the bike and pedaling more slowly to catch my breath and then rejoining with the group was AWESOME! I did that in my first class back and it worked like a charm! I was able to do TONS more resistance and when I felt terribly winded I kept my resistance up but slowed down my pace and I felt like could conquer the class. Thank you!

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