Movie Debriefing: He’s Just Not That Into You

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I read the book (You can see my review below) and since it was self-help styled book I was very curious to see how this would be translated into a movie. Overall the movie was cute, worth seeing with your girlfriend(s), but is nothing earth-shattering. I enjoyed it, but don’t know how often I will re-watch it in the future.

The all-star cast each had great performances in their private but very interconnected lives. The stories involved hope, heartbreak, future promises as well as a future without your significant other beside you. At times you want to cry and at other times you hold your stomach from laughter. The story is nothing like the book, and they make it more appealing in the end. Lessons provided by the book are cutely thrown into this story through two of the main characters who typically dole out the love advice and share it with their friends. We get to witness first dates, first flings, first glances and final straws, overall it is a full life cycle of love and the many different kinds of love there is to be had.

In the end we learn the ‘rules’ to dating and how to tell when guys just aren’t that into us, but in the end we may be handed the contradictory information again as we learn that there are many exceptiosn to these rules, and that our relationship may be that exception, which let’s be honest just left us back to where we started – if you’re looking for serious help please seek guidance from the book instead of the movie, or talk to your girlfriends: their help may me more promising. It’s worth going to see with your best girlfriends, and you will talk about your favorite scenes and couples as you leave the theatre, but please don’t expect anything near as romantic or gripping as such tales as The Notebook, but it was still worth checking out.


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