Debriefing: Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher

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What a trip! I felt like Carrie Fisher took me on a ride to a far far away galaxy and then back, with a bunch of stops in between. It was an easy, effortless, enjoyable quick read. I went into this book not knowing much about Carrie Fisher other than the fact that she played Princess Leia in Star Wars, but I closed the book having a good idea that there is a person, and personality under those buns!

Wishful Drinking explains to the world why Carrie Fisher is Carrie Fisher. We learn who her parents are (were…both?), who they slept with, who she slept it, why she slept with them, who those people then slept with, and the products that came from those hook-ups. She has conveniently displayed this in a laughable chart, but really that chart is important to truly understand this Hollywood Inbreeding idea she has going. We learn about her love with Paul Simon, her drug advice from Carey Grant and all the other ‘normal’ celebrity child experiences she had on the bumpy road she calls life.

The second half of the book really focuses on her rehab experiences as well as battling her inner mental demons. While she makes light of her mental struggles she does not poke fun at these disorders and diseases but really uses the jokes as a way to give the audience information on what this experience was truly like for her. It’s interesting to hear from a real Hollywood insider what these inner demons are like, especially since most celebrities keep those secrets tucked away.

Overall, it’s a very pleasurable read. It is humorous beyond belief and really makes you appreciate Carrie Fisher as her own individual person instead of as Princess Leia. Fisher brings a fresh voice to Hollywood and delivers laughs with ease. This book can be described a bit as a train wreck in the sense that it follows no logical, chronological or other order and really just follows whatever she feels like talking about next. It is a fresh memoir and one worth checking out! I think it would also be worthwhile to checkout her stage show (of the same title), because I’m sure it would be just as pleasing!


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