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Here is a quick, short list of a few DC bars that I frequent and think are worth your while if you’re in the area:

Brickskeller – Located up in Dupont Circl this is a dive kinda place. You travel down 2 flights of stairs to have a choice of over 100+ different kinds of beers from all different countries. Be aware – they do not have all the beers listed on the menu at any given time! http://www.lovethebeer.com/brickskeller.html It’s a great place to go for a different beer – I had the blueberry ale and it really did taste like blueberries! You can come here, get a brew or two and relax with friends over a bite of food, the burgers were good (though it takes skill to mess up a burger) Definitely worth a visit!

Madhatter – Again located near Dupont Circle/Golden Triangle (go to Dupont Metro stop) this is another out of the way place that draws some attention. On the two occasions I visited the Madhatter there was at least 1 Bachelor/Bachelorette party going on making it extra fun. The atmosphere is fun, but small. There are 2 small bars seperated by stairs but there are a ton of tv’s for sports watchers and then a DJ comes in for the dancing crowd. It was fun, both nights there was a good mix of 80s tunes with today’s music making for a really fun event overall! Don’t go anticipating food – I believe they have a kitchen but have never seen a table or anyone eating for that matter..http://www.madhatterdc.com/

Union Jacks – Bethesda. This one is located in Bethesda and is another fun place. They have a large room for billiards and then again a ton of TVs for the sports-minded. There is also a nice dance floor with a DJ for those who have good moves (or any moves, I’ve seen my fair share of terrible moves on that dance floor). The food is well priced there and is tasty as well! Thursday is ladies night and the specials are 50% off wine – always a steal! Some nights, I have no clue which they have the beat the clock when they have their beers for $1, $1.50, etc… It’s a really fun place to go, I find there to be a good crowd most nights and always enjoy Union Jacks.   http://www.unionjacksbethesda.com/

Caddies on Cordell – Again in Bethesda, this is a great Football, or any sport watching bar. There is an outdoor bar as well as a very large  upstairs. It shows a ton of football games during the season (and I even saw Titantic on a tv of theirs once…) and they have nice booths that each have personal HD TVs to tune to a game of your choice and preference.  They also have some lighter types of fare – we have gotten mostly food to munch on while watching games. It is a very fun place to head to watch sports games and draws a good sized crowd – fun times for all!     http://www.caddiesoncordell.com/start.asp

Buffalo Billiards – First word: wow! This bar is located in Dupont Circle again but is more for the sports crowd. This restaurant is absolutely massive. Each time I go there I find more space and more TVs! During the football season this bar will have different rooms/TVs to highlight different games. There is usually a few big screens in every room and the other games will appear on smaller TVs around the room. The food here is good – nothing gourmet but great sandwhiches, wings and hot sauce. You could come here for an entier day and hang out in all different sections of the bar. There are a few actual bars inside, as well as couches, billiard tables (judging on the name you’d hope so) as well as tall top tables, regular tables, etc. This is a great place to take the sports person – it draws a huge crowd of different types of fans, be sure to get here early to get a seat to watch your game! Seats go quickly – if you leave your seat during a game be sure someone is still saving it for you! http://www.buffalobilliards.com/dc/

Pour House – Located in DC & close to Capitol South Metro stop this is a Pittsburgh Bar. It is a place for the Pittsburgh Steelers “nation” and is another great place to watch games. If you are a Steelers fan you have to experience a game here – you will be surrounded by fellow Steelers. There is an upstairs as well as a downstairs but get here early to get a good spot by a TV. They do have food available but it is typical bar food and nothing amazing at all. The beers are good and they have some decent specials, though none during football games. its a fun place to go that really feels like it doesn’t belong in a city like DC. Worth going to if bleed gold and black.   http://www.pourhouse-dc.com/PourHouseHome.php


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