Debriefing: Pineapple Express

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This movie is a riot, plain and simple. It’s strange because I like such a wide variety of movies, but this movie just really had me roaring with laughter from start to finish. There is no doubt as to why James Franco was nominated for an award for this role – he was perfect, his character was spot-on, memorable and everything else good acting should be. Just great!

Dale Denton (Seth Rogan) is a process server by day. He is also dating a high schooler, but overall seems happy to work his job and smoke in his off-time. He’s a very committed employee and ensures that all subpoenas are served to the correct people, it is really a riot to watch his work in action. His regular dealer Saul (James Franco) becomes his buddy during a visit. They exchange laughs, watch television and enjoy a new, rare type of drug that Saul has come across. Denton leaves to finish his daily work and is then witness to a murder. This murder happens to include the next person he had to ‘serve’ and is coincidentally linked to this murderer though Saul because of the drug, aka Pineapple Express.

Saul and Dale spend the rest of the movie running away from nothing and everything, and at the same time learning that they are best friends. They realize how much they mean to each other. The pair make a great team and create some very comical scenes a long their path of enlightenment. Reflections on things from the weather, to how to make money quickly will leave you laughing with delight at their comical revelations. Both actors are cast phenomenally well and don’t stoop to cheap levels to make laughs. Franco is priceless as a run of the mill dealer who is as clueless as they come. It is evident that they both inhale too much, but the humor is in their discovery of themselves, friendships and running from the bad guys who are in an ironic way also running from Saul and Dale.

If you are in the mood for a light film with a minimal amount of required thought, Pineapple Express is definitely the one to check out. Franco becomes the perfect dealer character and both himself and Rogan deliver a hilarious tale about two guys with nowhere to go but everyone to run from. It ws a surprise hit for me, and one I won’t mind seeing again!


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Agree whole heartedly. James Franco is such an underrated actor. I was so so on Seth Rogen, but he didn’t bug me in this film. The ending action sequence was over the top, but do was the rest of the movie so it made sense. Good stuff!

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