Fans Who Push the Limit

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I am a Boston fan. There it is – it’s out there. I like the Red Sox and I love my Bruins. Take me or leave me that’s who I am. On the same side of the argument though I am a sports fan. While I am true to my teams, I am also true to sports. This past weekend at the Capitals V Rangers game there were more than a few Rangers fans who really pushed the limit as to being a fan and acting like jerks. Even though they were escorted out of the game it really made me think about how often it is that fans cross the lines at sporting events and really take some of the fun out of seeing a game live – they really kill the mood for most people in the stands around them sadly enough.

 Relocating to the DC area I have become a partial season ticket holder for the Washington Capitals and have a great time going to their games – when the Bruins came to down I donned my Black & Gold instead of my Ovechkin shirt, but most of the other games I’m all for the C-A-P-S, Caps, Caps ,Caps!! Boston fans are known to be a bit on the obnoxious side – as are many Philadelphia fans and fans of the Evil Empire (Yankees) as well. But there is definitely a limit – I know when being a fan crosses lines at sporting events and I think most fans stay on the safe side of that line but I am thoroughly disgusted at how some fans cross it so effortlessly.

The term fan is short for fanatic, so should we not expect crazy behavior from such an aptly named group? I don’t think being a fan is any reason to interfere on another persons right to cheer for their team, especially when you’re in their home stadium. This past weekend at the Capitals V. New York Rangers game there were quite a few groups of rowdy and down right rude and disgusting Rangers fans that took to the stands. In my opinion throwing out the “Lets go Rangers” chants and the “Caps suck” chants, etc are fine, but at no point should your behavior include swearing in the stands, throwing objects or liquids and being downright disgraceful .

In one particular section there were Rangers fans who were all thrown out of the game before the close of the 3rd period for this terrible behavior and to be honest I’m appalled at how people show up to sporting events to start fights with other fans instead of watching the game. They ruin it for everyone. I went into the game thinking that Rangers fan were classy, and a decent bunch to watch a game with and left disgusted by them. I blame much of the problem directly on the ushers at the game who let them get too drunk and too obnoxious in the first place and secondly the blame is on those who continued to serve openly drunk people more liquor – when do you cut them off? But mostly its the fans. If they wanted to watch the game they could cheer on their team, next to Caps fans and cheer and root and support their team. Instead they focused their attention and energy on being rude to home-team fans and ruining the game for not only themselves but for the fans who went there for the game as well. Absolutely uncalled for. Not only were they classless but they left the section they were sitting in littered (and soaked) in liquor and garbage – that is no way to treat any stadium.

How does a group of people pay $50+ / seat to go to a game, get drunk for another $8+/beer and then get kicked out without batting an eyelash. Maybe it’s the liquor talking but as a fan I can say that at no point does ruining another’s time at a sporting event make the game better for me. I want to sit and enjoy and cheer on – I LOVE sitting next to fans from visiting teams doing the chatter about our teams and short quick jabs back and forth that makes it great and it really shows a true fan that can laugh and defend their team. But sitting with a group of rowdy, classes drunks isn’t quite the night out I was looking for when I bought a ticket to a hockey game.

In the end be a true fan to your team: defend them, love them, and have class. Represent the team well and respect everyone else. I just don’t understand why there is no respect anymore, can’t we all just go to a sporting event and actually watch the game?! Let your team do the talking and throw out chants but don’t cross the line, please have courtesy for those of us who love OUR teams and the sports they play more than hearing your drunk comments.

 And lastly: Lets go Bruins!


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