Getting in the Season of Giving

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Tis the season to not only be jolly but to give, a lot. In this season I find that I give more just because, I treat the homeless people to coffee or breakfast foods, and just overall am a more pleasant and cheerful person. I should give like this all year round, and maybe that will be a good resolution tonight but up to this point my giving hits a high note during the Christmas season. Looking back on the recently passed Christmas I have noted quite a few things I am thankful for and really saw how much I’m given as well.

Thanks first to my family. What a crew but they put a smile on my face. Being the tender, caring family that they are my bedroom was quickly transformed into a workout room following my moving out. So now when I go home I don’t get to sleep in my childhood bedroom but I get to sleep in a pull-out draw at the bottom of my sister’s loft bed. But it is fun – kind of like a sleepover every night, and then we start to nag at each other and the thrill is over but it works. I’m grateful that I have a family that lets me come home, and a family that makes me smile when I think about getting to go home. Home is a nice feeling its nice to be apart of one.

I’m thankful for having a job. In this tough economy there are plenty of people that would do a wide array of things for this position. It’s not the bets position in the world, and I’ve never thought of it as something to be envious of but after talking to friends who either don’t have jobs or who watch people get ‘let go’ on a daily basis I’m thankful that I have a place to come and work every day, and they treat me really nice too!

Friends! ‘I get by with a little help from my friends’….The Beatles did not lie. It’s nice to have a large group of people to fall back on. I have my good dear sister-friend from college that lives nearby which is awesome. We’re close and its a good easy relationship: can’t go wrong! She is like the nice warm fuzzy slippers that you never forget about just don’t use daily, but you always look for them and miss them when they’re not around, and if someone even tried to take them away there would be hell to pay! That’s her 🙂 I also have some great new work friends that are great to hang out with – I have my gym friend who not only keeps me motivated but in shape and healthy : my motivation would be squat without her! There are many friends for all different reasons and some for no reason other than just because, and sometimes those are the best.

Life’s lemons. So now we’ve all had life throw us some lemons, and while I wish I could say that I’ve made lemonade everytime it would be a big fat lie. I haven’t. I’m a whiner and most of the lemons I’ve been thrown have sucked. As the year progresses I’ve started to look back onto some other the bigger lemons and given a smile. Not one of those just sucked on a lemon tart smiles either! A real nice smile, and I can actually start to admit that I appreciate some of the things I’ve learned from those mistakes and lemons. I’m much wiser because of them, still wish I could’ve just learned those lessons second-hand.

Speaking of lemons, I’m thankful that I can go to the grocery store and any other store and order what I need and want. Wants and needs are very different and its a luxury that I can fulfill both of those categories for myself and my loved ones. We had a truly blessed Christmas filled with love and too many gifts (but who ever complains about the gifts?!)

I’m thankful for my special relationship with a special guy. He’s truly wonderful, no matter how many times he makes me grumble under my breath or roll my eyes up to high heaven I couldn’t imagine my life without him. He does more for me than I can ever thank or repay him for, truly a wonderful person to have in my life. You should all be jealous because he really is just that great.  Thank you for everything you give to me on a daily basis – you are my rock!

There are SO many things to be grateful for, and as I look back I try to think of the ways that someone could’ve been grateful for me in their life. Let the season of giving last all year long, and you will receive remarkable gifts throughout the years in small but meaningful ways. It’s something that I am going to do my best to strive for in the new year – bring it on 2009 : I have a lot to give back!


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