Debreifing: Run Fat Boy Run

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This is a wonderful movie.  It is not your ordinary story, and really highlights a mix of British humor, American humor and just irony. When this movie came in the mail (yay Netflix) I wasn’t really sure how it was going to be or what I was getting into but it really made me glad I took the time to watch it, and honestly I may rent it again at some point – it was just that good!

The plot is simple but silly at the same time. Dennis (Simon Pegg) runs away on his wedding day from his pregnant fiance, Libby(Thandie Newton). So now 5 years later she has delivered and is raising a charming little boy. She runs a successful bakery shop in England, while he is a security guard at a lingerie store. She is gorgeous, in shape, social and attractive, while he is overweight, and a bit of an underachiever. They do see each other to exchange their child, but in these 5 years not much has happened for them.  Dennis then learns that Libby has a new boyfriend name Whit (Hank Azaria) and is determined to win her back. And how will Dennis accomplish this? Well Whit is amazing and wonderful and coincidentally runs in marathons, so Dennis signs up for the marathon as well.

The story takes us through Dennis’ training and screw-ups as a Dad.  His friends  and landlords place bets against him for finishing or not finishing the marathon and no one really expects him to complete it, but Dennis is determined.  Come marathon day Dennis is almost ready to run and has to face Whit at the starting line. Both men become injured quickly on in the race, but Dennis is determined not to give up, and prove that Libby should not give up on him. The ending to Libby and Dennis’ romance is not far fetched and ended exactly as I had hoped – with a bit of an open end and possibilties for the future.

The cast is a great ensemble, mostly British but with quite a few Americans thrown in the mix which creates for the very mixed humor. There is of course the ever-funny British comedy which lends itself to many laughs posed at Dennis and culture/society in general. The American (Azaria) in this movie does stand out and shows a side of Americans that most Europeans tend to see – selfishness and self-importance. It is a cute movie that leaves you with a smile on your face. You will get many laughs from this and in the end it is a short(er) movie so if you don’t like it you will not have spend too much of your evening on it. Run Fat Boy Run definitely draws you in, and you’ll like where it takes you.

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