Movie Debriefing – 007 Quantum of Solace

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In general I’m not the biggest fan of action movies, but the 007 series seems to always draw me in. I checked out Quantum of Solace this past weekend and was really pleased with the movie as a whole. Before going into the movie I had read reviews that the plot was very thin and overall lacking in originality but I didn’t find the plot to be trouble. 

The main plot of the story is that Dominic Greene(Mathieu Almalric) is buying up remote pieces of land in deserts and other far off locations. It is presumed that Greene is looking for oil, but alas it is water that he is after. Additionally, Greene is out to corrupt government, gain control over countries and blackmail the government if necessary to gain power and wealth. This really has very little to do with the story as a whole. It is the main underlying theme to the movie but if they told us nothing more than the fact that Greene and his friends were bad guys but never told us why the movie would still feel the same and not knowing that information wouldn’t create problems overall. The main theme of the movie is revenge. Both Bond & the Bond girl are in search of personal revenge.

Throughout the entire movie Bond doesn’t really follow many orders from M, in fact he mostly does the opposite of her wishes, which creates plenty of problems for her. Bond’s ultimate motive is to track down those responsible for ‘killing’ Vesper, and getting revenge. Coincidentally, Bond finds a girl, Camille (Olga Kurylenko),  who is also on a personal revenge mission, so they make a good team. Camille is a former secret agent so their skills are well matched, and together they are able to take down Greene and dig further to fulfill their revenge missions.

Bond is not only more reckless in this movie, but he is also more fierce. Instead of torture or following M’s commands to get information, Bond finds death for all who cross his path much more suitable. He is clearly troubled by Vesper’s death and seemingly can not escape it or find solace until the closing scenes of the film. Daniel Craig gives James Bond a serious tone and overall very serious demeanor which also radiate a chilling cold from his blue eyes. It is clear that this Bond means business. The chase scenes in this film are crisp and clear and give the audience a sense of confusion just when they should. Bond is a great fighter through this films and uses weapons, physical fighting and force to get his point across.

The film is shot in a variety of locations, from the desert to an Opera hall the scenes are dramatic, but reasonable. At no point would you question Bond’s motives, involvement or reasoning for being where he is. The opera scene is a personal favorite for me, and even offered some of Bond’s quick witted humor as he was given an entrance into a very serious conversation not meant for prying ears.

Bond leaves M with no reason not to trust him, and of course in the end helps M solve all of their missions. Craig gives Bond the power to use both brute force and to have a heart. He understands people’s emotions and shows a somewhat sensitive side in Quantum of Solace This is one of the first more modern Bond films where Bond’s emotions drive the action and the plot. Similarly, this is also one of the first modern Bond films where the Bond Girl did not fall under the covers with Bond, though he did have an intimate meeting with a girl, the ‘Bond Girl’ (Camille) was not a lover, but there is of course possibility for her to become more in the next film…

If you are a Bond fan – it is worth seeing. Quite possibly one of my more favored Bond films. The action is clear, precise and stunning. The film overall is shot with a vision that never falters and leaves the audience aching for more Bond, James Bond that is.

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