Debreifing: High School Musical 3

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I gave in and saw it. It wasn’t that bad, but I’m not sure if it should really be in theatres or just be released to tape or on the Disney channel. You have to know going into the movie that a)it is for children and younger teenagers and b) that it is a musical. Musicals are over the top, and the singing usually just appears out of the blue, you should know to expect this from this movie. It could be that I’m just too old to truly appreciate everything about this movie and storyline, but it did hold my attention for the 2 hours, but I don’t know how readily I would be to see it again.

We are back with our favorite students in New Mexico. Troy, Chad, Gabriella, etc everyone is there. We open again in a basketball game, and of course we will end in a theatre. The basic plot-line of the movie is that all of them are graduating so they are competing for scholarships, admissions and of course they are trying to make big life decisions that will impact their families, romances and friendships. Troy’s dad is set for him to UA for the fall to play basketball, what a dream for everyone but Troy. His main hold-up is that Gabriella is attending Standford so they will be over 1000 miles away from each other (can you imagine?!). Her admission is special and she is set to start school early and may even miss the prom which rips Troy apart. She seems strong about the decision for her to leave for school while he is confused and torn between a variety of schools and his desire to be close to her.

What is interesting about this set up is that its her that does most of the running away. Generally I find that most movies have the woman stuck in the relationship while the man is making the hard choices to leave. It is the woman, or girl, who is left to pick up the pieces of their romance or follow him. This movie took a slightly different turn and we find that she is the more strong-willed person in the relationship and she is the one who is willing to give up their romance for college.

I think this is a promising message to young girls. By Gabriella choosing her future and college over Troy it really teaches young girls that they need to keep their dreams and aspirations in focus. Even though they may be ‘in love’ with a certain guy, their future is certain and they control it. They have to make the right choices and decisions to pave a clear path for themselves, and if what they have with that guy is true then it will work out in the end, truly it will.  In the end Troy does follow her, but in a smart way. He makes a decision that is difficult but really helps him develop himself as a graduate and young adult. His decision will put them closer and will offer him everything he wanted from college.

The movie is over the top with plenty of rich dancing scenes, costumes, emotions and so on. It is hard sometimes to image these scenes for high schoolers, but the cast does another great job pulling it off. I think that overall Troy and Gabriella are too lovey-dovey with each other for Disney movies, or any movie to be honest. They are constantly cuddling and smoochies and looking at each other, etc, it is a little overbearing and over the time. It gets a bit sickening but it is manageable for the movie. It ends pretty well, with of course the typical graduation scene. I expected a bit more from the final scene but was happy with the way it ended overall. Another score for Disney, but for parents and babysitters, the songs weren’t as catchy and it is not the HSM that I want to watch over and over again. The true charm in the songs and dancing were in HSM1.


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