Debriefing: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

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I saw this movie over the weekend and was thoroughly surprised at how pleased I was when I left the theatre. I was unsure upon going into the theatre really what I would think of this movie; I hadn’t seen many commercials or trailers for it, just went on my gut and previous liking of Michael Cera. It was a pleasant surprise and hit in my opinion. This isn’t a movie that will have people swarming in the masses to see it like his other movies (Superbad & Juno) but I think it will definitely develop a following to some extent.

The main gist of the movie is that Nick has a ridiculous Ex-girlfriend that he just can’t shake from his memory. He is obsessed with her to put it politely. She has moved on, but loves the attention he gives her as most girls do. Nick is in a band with his gay best friends – they’re nice and I enjoyed their roles. Norah is from the social elite class, and happens to know Nick’s ex fairly well through school (small world huh?!). They all go out with different purposes to NYC, a short ride since they live in the suburbs of NJ, and meet up. The group is a bit awkward – Nick and Norah have a lot of sexual tension, Norah has a crazy ex boyfriend that makes an entrance in the film, and Nick’s ex just wants as much attention as humanly possible. It is a race to see how long it takes for Nick and Norah to get it together. His friends want them together and her friend is just too drunk to notice.

It is a teen flick so you have to either be a teenager, close to it or just be young at heart. What really made this movie special for me was that I could relate to it so easily. I grew up a town over from Englewood which was where most of the characters lived. It made it really special for me since many of their mishaps in NYC were typical of myself when I was that age. It was great to have NYC at your disposal in high school and the movie really captured the way that NJ teenagers use NYC as a playground.

The background music was pretty good as well, it set a nice ambiance for the film. Overall the film seemed to move pretty fluidly, at some points I thought it was never going to work out, but like all good films it just takes a bit of time and patience for things to go right. The cast was really put together well – the chemistry was kickin’! There were some very humorous moments in the movie, and it had a good overall feeling when I left the movie. The movie is filled with quirky and awkward teenage moments which Michael Cera is becoming great at. He is the perfect awkward, geeky, but innately cool kid and his one liners and overall attitude really pan out well in the roles he has been chosen for.

Overall if you are into the awkward, slightly funny teenage type movies this is a must-see for you. It may be worth a rental if you are unsure if you’d be into it. If you grew up in Northern NJ and often wasted time in NYC just because you could and you were spoiled that way then definitely hit up this movie, especially if you don’t live there anymore. Everything from the Bergen County bus schedule to their high school will make you yearn for home. I enjoyed it, and can’t wait for it to be released to DVD so I can rent it and check it out again.

*Even those not from Northern NJ/NYC will enjoy this flick, my friends NOT from that area all left the theatre with the same smiles on.


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