TV Just Isn’t the Same….

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Let me start of by confessing that I am one of millions who is absolutely in LOVE with Grey’s Anatomy, but is it me or are all the TV shows starting to get a little lame? So the previews for the season premier of Grey’s was all about the twists and turns and supposedly shocking events that were about to unfold.  But after watching the premier all the shocks were jokes – surprising because I didn’t realize it was April Fool’s day….

After speaking with friends it was determined that multiple other shows also followed this pattern – why are the writers suddenly trying to shock us, and then laugh and say ‘Gotcha!’? This is not a trend I’m enjoying. Disappointing that writers think they need to grab viewer’s attentions with false hopes, generally viewership remains steady when writer’s develop intriguing story lines, not one episode stunts. But worse, it seems that producers may not know when to end shows. Go out with style and class and go out on top, don’t drag it on with the hopes of trying to pull success out of nothing.

A great example of a show that dragged itself on is Nip/Tuck, part of FX. What an amazing show. Centered in Miami, you had drama, sex, plastic surgery, and at times action all at once. It was a great show. Near the end of it’s run the story line was very drawn out and it seemed like the characters were nearly too entangled in each other to go anywhere further. The show left you with a five – year look into the future which to me pretty much sealed the deal and let me know that the show had run its course, and I was left satisfied. As a follower of the show I was content that the show had ended and felt that all the strings were tied, which left everything nice and clean for those following the storyline. I almost fell off my chair when later that year I heard that the show was going to be re-starting in the next season, but how?! I saw the 5 -year future look, it was all OK, everything was on track, this must be a mistake. Nope, much to my dismay the show was back on, but they had left Miami and moved to LA, because we all know that LA needs more plastic surgery… Regardless I watched the premier and a few episodes that followed to see what it was about; I lost much respect for that show from that season alone. The show re-routed in a different direction, the characters were not the same, the focus was changed and it just didn’t matter anymore. The show was over, it ended the season before, and in my mind they never left Miami. I personally felt it was a bad move to restart the show in a new city wit the same cast, it was over, move on! Many of my friends felt the same way and none of us watch the show at this point, is it even still on? I really think Desperate housewives is out of a story-line and may be getting dangerously close to the fine line of something worth watching vs. something that is ready to be retired.

Now onto the ways that shows are moving away from reality. Sitcoms and TV drama’s are scripted. Many are scripted in a way that is supposed to reflect what reality in those situations would be like. Now of course we know that every character in TV shows has a better grip on irony and a better vocabulary than everyone we know combined, but it is OK, in fact we like it that way. We recite their quirky sayings and live for Meredith’s indecision and realizations that occur every episode. What I am not okay with is the sudden way that most TV shows are gripping for anything to create drama and have since moved away from reality. What chief in a real operating hospital would allow water from a leaky pipe to continue to happen in his hospital that could at any moment infect a sterile environment?! None! This puts the patients, the employees and the hospital in danger and no person in their right mind would do this. I enjoyed the drama of the episode but was a little disappointed that the writers are moving the storyline into too overly dramatic and seemingly unrealistic plots. Grey’s is a hit show and very popular, it doesn’t need all of this distraction to make it great, and I truly hope they move back into the realm of unusual diseases and strange cases, or crazy accidents to draw attention and drama, but I don’t think it serves the show well to have plots that are just simply unrealistic. Focus on the drama in the personal lives and let the cases speak for themselves. Seattle Grace gets a fair share of unusual cases to begin with, we don’t need risky decisions that would NEVER happen in real life to taint the show. I don’t believe the Chief would truly make such a risky decision, even if he is fighting to regain his above average reputation as a teaching hospital.

Regardless, it is still a great show. I just want to put a plea out to writers to keep the material original and eye-catching but spare us some of the exaggerations. Research fantastically abnormal medical cases and let our favorite interns and residents solve them, but don’t put the hospital staff into a situation where they make abnormal and obscure choices that no one in their right minds would ever make. And for the sake of Christina – please let the military man work out , I really think she needs that!


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