Debriefing: Nights in Rodanthe

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Disappointing. Maybe I am too much of a reader and a fan of books, but I seem to always love the promise of a beloved paperback being made into a movie. And I am utterly disappointed when it falls short, and in this case flat on it’s face. To say the least I think this movie missed the mark, completely. It may have just been me, the women behind me had their faces covered in tears and Kleenex, so maybe they missed all the terrible parts and thus proclaimed their love for this movie at the end, but I was bored and as previously noted, disappointed.

Diane Lane, Adrienne Willis, is a divorced mother of 2 looking to get away from her sort-of-husband who wants her back. Should she forgive and forget, or stand strong? A weekend in Rodanthe to watch her friend’s quiet inn, which helps her friend and gives herself some time to herself to think about her life and her choices that must be made. Only one guest will be joining her for the weekend, Dr.Paul Flanner, Richard Gere, who is a big city doctor also consumed by decisions and trouble. This doctor is working on rekindling his relationship with his son and is preparing for a long journey to recconect. The pity-party has arrived at Rodanthe just in time for a hurricane to hit the inn leaving the couple alone to bond and survive the storm, and their inner-demons together.

Gere’s character never opens up. He is an angry man in the movie and while his character is supposed to melt away in Lane’s touch and become Prince Charming the transition never quite takes place, though Lane acts like it does. His son, James Franco, also claims that Adrienne has changed his father, but I personally never felt or saw that change take place, maybe I just missed it.  It becomes impossible to feel anything for Gere’s character, which just makes the entire movie sad for Lane’s character who falls in love with him, even though the audience is still feeling shut-off from his life. There was too little focus in this movie on their relationship and the bond they began to feel as well as the way that they open up to each other. They try to make these scenes appear but they get broken up by phone conversations with others, bad attitudes and other problems. You want the characters to make it work, and even though they do it still seems too forced and unnatural.

Nicholas Sparks is a master romantic, but this movie really did not leave me with tears or sorrow/happiness, or a romantic flutter in my stomach, I really was just bored. It moved slowly, the characters really didn’t pull me in. Diane Lane had a great role and she really did make me feel for her, but Gere on the other hand really left me feeling indifferent, which really hurt the overall momentum of the movie for me. This was one of my favorite Nicholas Sparks novels, and now it is one of my least favorite ways that I’ve spent about 2 hours….It had potential and that’s all I can say.

Again, do not skip this movie just on my accord, I may recommend waiting for it as a rental so you don’t spend as much money if you dislike it as I did. There were plenty of women who seemed to leave the theatre pleased with the outcome, but there were also plenty of us who left disappointed. Overall, if you see the movie and like it – kudos; I wish I left the theatre with the same feelings. It is a sappy movie, so be prepared, but again in my case the tissues really were not required. If you leave the theatre like I did, read the book, or re-read it like I did, it will make you feel better and will remove some of the sour taste from your mouth. 

Grade: D


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2 Responses to “Debriefing: Nights in Rodanthe”

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My goodness it’s a movie. I loved the movie.
Gere and Lane are great. They have great
chemistry. Movies are intended to take you
and into another world and escape. The fact
that you showed no emotion, show us that you
indeed need to loosen up and try not to be so

I totally agree that movies and books are supposed to offer an escape, but I didn’t feel the chemistry at all between them! I really felt like Diane Lane tried but Richard Gere’s character never really opened up for me, I really lacked sympathy for him and just thought the connection between the 2 could’ve been stronger, it just didn’t do it for me! While it may not be as much about loosening up its just a different opinion, and I’m glad you were able to enjoy the movie, I wish I felt the same connection and chemistry that the actor’s were able to get across to you, but it just missed the mark for me. I think most fans of the overall story would agree that its a worthwhile story, and an awesome book, and with the movie we will have to agree to disagree 🙂

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