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As a commuter and human in general it seems that routines are hard habits to kick. I commute daily – I take 1 of 3 buses, but generally always the same one, and I drive the same route and then take the same train – waiting in almost the same spot daily and then to make things more habitual I walk 1 of 3 routes to my office. This makes me sound OCD, but it’s not intentional it’s just the same routine that is known to me and the one I follow. Trust me, there is no spazzing out if I go a different route, and occaisionally I will just to scope out the scenery on the other side of the streets but generally its the same old people, places and builidings every week-day. Since I see the same group of folks on my daily adventures I think it is safe to assume that most people also follow the same routines – I’m not alone (or crazy)!

Well I began to think about this today because I was downright shocked, SHOCKED, when the homeless man that I pass each and every week day after my morning train was not in his spot. There wasn’t even another person in his spot – the spot was vacant. This was quite scandalous to me and really threw off my entire morning. I couldn’t imagine what happened to him, and normally I never gave more thought to him other than to check out his cart full of random items, but this really threw me off my game. Currently, it’s about 1pm in the afternoon and I am still consumed with wondering where he was, so here are a few of my thoughts:
* He found a girlfriend and they are extending their Labor Day weekend holiday and enjoying eachother’s company
* A rival homeless chap first showed up in his zone and they had a duel – in a distant park
* He slept in – because he found a very comfortable mattress and just couldn’t resist the extra sleep and thus was late for his normal routine

I’m really not sure, obviously, where he was and I know I most likely will not ask him tomorrow but I did miss him today. Is there anyone you would miss on your morning/daily routines? Even if they’re people you don’t know? I know I would also miss the deliciously attractive man that is usually in my metro car and walks in a similar direction, but he was in his normal place today. I would miss the dogs outside of Starbucks in the morning – they’re cute, I mean really truly adorable! This really has consumed though, seriously. I hope I am not alone in thinking it is a scandal or even allowing your mind to wander where the everyday routine people go when they are not in their ‘normal’ place.

We are really creatures of habit, the fact that this is consuming a great portion of my day is pretty ridiculous actually. I have much bigger things to worry about and stress over than the things that were missing on my commute and daily walk, but maybe that’s a good sign. Maybe me focusing on this instead helps me get over the other things I need to worry about. This almost seems like a stress mechanism, maybe it is. I don’t know but it definitely is scary to know that we all flock the same exact way day after day, and I almost wonder if anyone else notices me on their everyday commute. Are they concerned or do they wonder about me when I wander off the regular path? Most likely not..but I’m sure the hot guy, dogs and homeless men thought the same about themselves too…..


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