Debriefing: Friday Night Knitting Club By Kate Jacobs

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Knitting is definitely not a modern craft, but I wouldn’t be surprised if knitting supply sales started to rise! This novel was youthful yet wise, hip yet classic and is appealing to such a variety of people on a variety of levels. Knitting is thought of as an old lady craft but also has the allure of being calming to the soul. Having read the book mostly during my personal commute in DC rush-hour I must say that I felt calmer just reading it – without even having knitting needles in hand. It was a pleasure to be taken to the busy streets of Manhattan and the quiet suburbs of NJ for a homespun tale of wool, yarn, sweaters and friendship. 

The meat of the book takes place in busy NYC, of course we do get to leave city for excursions but we are mostly caught up in the lives of busy bees in the heart of Manhattan. Walker and Daughter knitting shop is a quiet shop in the upper-levels of a 3 story building, and is home to the Friday Night Knitting Club, a group of women who much of home-made delights, swap stories from the week now behind them and of course occasionally knit. Georgia Walker, owner of the shop, is an amazing woman; A businesswoman, mom, entrepreneur (Mom-preneur), friend and lover all at once. And of course aside from her list of traits she knits as well! Honestly what more could anyone want to be other than Georgia? At first she is a hard woman to crack, you want to like her but you can’t really tell if she will let you in her life to be her friend which makes you hesitant to open yourself to her, but within a few chapters you can’t resist feeling like you miss her when you have to put the book down.

This story teaches us how one determined woman can accomplish anything, and empower everyone in her wake to make their lives their own and to achieve their goals. After having a hard start in life, due to the disappointments of a best friend and lover Georgia finds a career in Knitting and surprisingly is able to run a knitting shop in Manhattan in the 21st century while raising a child. Georgia’s life, and story, revolves around the knitting shop and her daughter, Dakota. It’s easy for Georgia to have a life so intertwined in her work, especially since she lives directly above the knitting shop – it is the ideal setting for a story and truly makes for a cozy time. Between the knitting shop and her small apartment a full range of emotions including much laughter and love spills into the pages of the story and the lives of the characters.

This story does of course focus on the members of the Friday Night Knitting Club, as well as Georgia’s family, friends and enemies. The women of the club include Anita, who is Georgia’s biggest fan, as well as a wise, older woman still trying to find her way in the world after her husband passes. Other members of the club are Peri, a smart FIT student making strides in the fashion world, KC a publisher trying to re-start her career, Lucie a producer living day to day who always finding time and money to knit, and Darwin, a surprise character who loathes knitting and is just at the club for scientific research (yeah right!). The club is a central gathering place but it is soon discovered that it doesn’t have to be Friday night for this group of women to get together.  

This is a real slice of life novel that brings both young and older women together around the knitting needles. It is a story about life lessons, love lessons and all of the hiccups that happen during the day to day routine of it all. Truly a wonderful story that veered away from predictability and focused more on the unexpected human aspect of people and emotions. It is a great selection for a reading club comprised of a variety of women from different walks of life. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself yearning for knitting needles and wool at the end of this story – and be prepared to be inspired and but disappointed when you have to leave the characters at the end of the story.
My Personal Grade: A

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