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Wow, my first blog post, ever! It’s exciting, but at the same time makes me a bit anxious for what lies ahead. I will be one of the many official bloggers from this point forward. Seriously though, I feel like my first post has to be something monumental and serious and world-altering, but I don’t know if I can acheive that hype and status just yet, so I’ll start of simple and talk about what I know best: Me!

So Me, where to begin…or really what to leave out. Well I recently just landed myself in the heart of the capital after graduating from Rutgers (RU Rah Rah!). Pretty exciting.

As many fellow bloggers and graduates alike have discovered getting a job is no easy feat, heck getting the job wasn’t too bad but getting an interview was the true struggle. After beginning applications for companies back in January with high hopes and big dreams I quickly learned that people weren’t lying when they said to keep my chin up and get ready for a long road ahead of me. Since January, it’s ridiculous to admit but I’ve had a mere 2 interviews – 2! I spent countless hours applying to any job I remotely had an interest in or may have had the skills for, as well as researching countless ways of promoting myself all for 2 interviews?! It was amazing to me what a difficult process it truly was, and honestly makes me never, ever want to have to apply for jobs again – truly a lifetime of work and discouragement over a span of months.

With job hunting out of the way I have been able to discover DC as both a tourist and a resident – I’m not sure which perspective is better. I’m definitely trying to keep myself out of the rat race and the terrible pace that NYC and other big cities set, and so far I still feel calm and relaxed through the daily grind, which is an amazing accomplishment! I just feel as though the city has so much to offer. It may just be the early stages of romance, but I really can not get enough of it – there is a never-ending amount of places to explore. After I find one ‘undiscovered’ place that I think I adore I uncover another that I either have to visit as soon as possible, or add to a seemingly infinite list of places I must visit and learn about. It may seem like I’m moving a bit too fast but I think I’m ready to call this ‘love’.  

Well I guess that’s enough about me for today, and Blog #1 can be marked complete. It’s official – I’m a blogger now.


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